Poolside in nylon stockings

Reverie au bord de la piscine avec des bas nylon couture en d├ęgustant un cocktail exotique.

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3 Responses to “Poolside in nylon stockings”

  1. The Prince Says:

    I’d like to see those nylon-covered legs in the pool.

  2. Mike Says:

    Prince, wet stockings on legs? Do they work? I thought there might be something very erotic about water-soaked stockings on legs but when I did some photography of my wife in the shower it didn’t look ‘erotic’, just very messy. No, dry (fine denier) stockings on dry legs…nothing more sensual to the touch…but having said that we do have friends living on the Algarve who hold parties that always seem to include fully clothed guests jumping in the pool and this clearly is an erotic moment for them with much energetic love-making in the pool or out of the water and on the loungers!

  3. Mike Says:

    My wife advises me that when she went home to Sofia in the early summer to visit her mother she attended three parties, two in the city and one in a remote location in the mountains, a large house with pool belonging to a successful millionaire entrepreneur. With no prying eyes the guests were able to relax and enjoy themselves including my wife who was able to remove her party dress and spend most of the party in her basque and seamed stockings and while she didn’t get her stockings wet she did disrobe to enjoy skinny dipping in the pool with the other guests. She eventually put her stockings and lingerie back on and her escort drove them back to her apartment.

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