Black and red lingerie in nylon stockings

Moment de détente en guêpière rouge et bas nylon noir sur un canapé blanc… un mélange de couleur éblouissant.

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  1. Mike Says:

    When I first met my wife (we married in 2006) she was a little lost in terms of fashion. Born in an eastern European country in 1955 she had become all too used to dull, grey, boring clothes. Yet she has an amazing figure, slim waist and hips matched by shapely legs and ankles. It was my mission to get her out of trousers and cheap supermarket tights and into skirts that revealed her legs and to dress those shapely legs and ankles in fine sheer pantyhose and seamed stockings. At first she resisted but eventually came round as at parties and special functions her look astounded friends with good looking young men at her beck and call. The transformation began in 2005 when we first met and today she is a very confident and very sexy lady who is very much in command of her life, a very sensual person who now adores her legs in seamed stockings and slim figure in flattering lingerie and, as her husband, I am very proud that my wife exudes an exciting, arousing sex appeal.

  2. Caroline B Says:

    Very good story Mike…

  3. Stefan Says:

    Hej, Vilken härlig berättelse du skrivit. Ja, visst skall vackra kvinnor klä sig på detta sätt, verkligen en skön historia. De, kvinnorna är som ett pakaet…en present…visst har paketets utformning betydelse…Det är ju härligar med snyggt papper, fina snören och annat som gör det fina ännu elegantare…! Eller hur nog är det väl så med kvinnor också…bra grund med rätt saker ger en skönhet…en upplevelse…vard att se….! I just Love it…!

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